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In Search Of The Perfect Knitting Project Bag

Dear Reader, How do you organise your knitting projects? At the moment, I have one, very large, overflowing, woven hessian bag which is home to a growing stash of yarn. My family have kindly pointed out to me, however, that my knitting accessories and projects are also to be found in many a cupboard/drawer around…… Continue reading In Search Of The Perfect Knitting Project Bag

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Ahh Spring… I look forward to seeing you!

It is only the sixth day of January. In my part of the world it is misty and damp (mizzle in Yorkshire terms). I’ve dispensed with the boom and bust of New Year resolutions, happily settling for a more soothing rhythm of seasons and learning to hold the present alongside the promise of good days…… Continue reading Ahh Spring… I look forward to seeing you!

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What did you knit this Christmas?

I bought some wool from my LYS in December and in the process became engrossed in  conversation with the lovely folk in the shop about ‘Christmas knitting’. I already had a project on the go (see previous post) which would have happily occupied me during many an hour over the holidays, was maybe just…… Continue reading What did you knit this Christmas?

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In The Deep Midwinter

Here is a peek at my next project, in British Gotland DK from The Little Grey Sheep. Gotland DK in colour way “Let me be the one” has beautiful warm cranberry tones and is perfect for a “Christmas jumper” – the understated sort that you can wear all through winter to cheer you up and keep…… Continue reading In The Deep Midwinter


Grey is growing on me…

It’s been a slow process, and one that’s involved shedding lots of deeply ingrained associations with this colour: school uniforms ; driech days; hardware stores , to name but a few. As you may have guessed, these associations were not usually positive ones and added to this, any less than stimulating environment has always left…… Continue reading Grey is growing on me…